Grant Stories

Changing the Narrative of Student Success

As students transition to college, many of them question whether or not they belong

Cultivating Growth Mindsets at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

These educators are learning how to provide supportive learning environments that foster psychological resilience, a secure sense of belonging, and clarity of purpose. 

Inclusive Staff Mentoring in the Dietrich School

An 18-month pilot program called CONNECTED: A Partnered Growth Program was launched for staff in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. 

STUDENT BLOG: Building Intentional Opportunities for Student-Centered Communities

The Biology Peer Advisors formed as a group of junior and senior biology students who wanted to share experiences with other students to support them in their academic and professional goals. 

STUDENT BLOG: Cultivating Critical Scholars

Intellectual engagement thrives in an atmosphere that initiates conversations between faculty and students, and amongst students on a long-term basis. 

STUDENT BLOG: "Thanks to Her" Short Film

The grant enabled various film students to have immersive, professional experiences in their respective interest areas, spanning every aspect of the production process. 

A Twine Tool-Kit for Creating Personalized Learning

The toolkit serves the project’s goal of personalization by empowering instructional designers to work with faculty to create branching narratives for their own teaching contexts as well as allowing learners to explore decisions and consequences via choose-your-adventure-style, story-based instruction. 

Using Mindfulness to Boost Low Confidence in Introductory Physics

These focus groups dispelled the myth that maybe because students have low confidence, they’re procrastinating.