Development and Implementation of a Real-Time Tutor Sourcing Application


A Real-Time Tutor Sourcing Application (RTTSA) is to be developed and implemented so that works similar to common ridesourcing applications, such as Uber and Lyft, but instead is applied to tutoring services. A user (tutee) who would like to use this application, will be able to arrange a tutoring session any time a tutor is available, based on the tutor's qualifications, the academic match between the tutor and the tutee, and the geographic location of both. The project will be carried out over the course of one year, and the application will primarily be developed by electrical and computer engineering students through independent study and senior design project courses. These courses will be advised by both the project director and other electrical and computer engineering faculty. The pilot for this project will be carried out by Swanson School of Engineering (SSoE) tutors and will give priority to tutees who are in SSoE retention programs. However, the end goal is for the app to be sustainable and scalable so that it can be utilized by the entire campus and possibly all throughout academia depending on its initial success. Read/listen to NPR coverage of the app »


Samuel Dickerson
Anita Persaud
Robert Kerestes