Creative Skills Studio and Mentorship App


Associate Professor Duggan and Mr. Downs propose to create a creative skills mentoring studio where the mentor and mentee can use both traditional and digital technological tools to look at designs and design approaches. This space would be large enough and equipped well enough so that the team can work in a variety of methods associated with design skills like: CAD, Photoshop, 3D printing, traditional drawing and drafting, model building, sound editing, video editing, projection mapping, plotting of architectural prints and light plots. Coupled with the studio, we propose to create an app that, when combined with a Go-Pro camera in the theatre spaces, will let the mentor tag a recording of the students’ technical rehearsals. As the app progressed, we will expand the app to deliver notes to the student in real-time from the mentor in a secured and private application. This app would be used for the most advanced students who are prepared to work more quickly. The app allows the student to see notes while rehearsal is in progress but delivers the mentorship in a private format. The tag would be attached to a cue or time code associated with the light/sound/projection board so that students would have the choice to react in real-time or save the note for a later session in the studio.