When educational experiences and activities are designed around each student's individual needs and interests, students learn more.

Through Pitt’s Personalized Education Initiative, the University aims to prepare students for lives of impact through educational experiences tailored to the specific goals and needs of each student.

In our data-saturated age, knowing facts is not as important as being able to use knowledge to define and solve problems.

Pitt has created an intellectually rich and diverse environment with many opportunities for students to engage in formal and informal learning, all geared to give students the tools for creative thinking, problem-solving, and experiential learning in any areas they choose to pursue. Learn about the core elements of Personalized Education at the University of Pittsburgh.

Our Personalized Education Initiative will amplify this approach by bringing together an array of resources customized to the interests and aspirations of each student and enriched by advisors, real-time data, and learning innovations to refine and guide each student's career path.

Learn about the opportunity — developing the people, the technologies, and the systems that will allow students to access the resources needed to build the foundation for a successful, meaningful, engaged life.

Welcome to the next great adventure in education, designed specifically for you.

Students on computer

Personalized Education Projects

View projects that have been designed to help students thrive at the University of Pittsburgh.